A breakthrough in hydration

Optimise your gut health and improve recovery with natural electrolytes.

Most electrolyte drinks have sugar content exceeding 25%.

Why replace your current sports drink?

We believe recovery drinks should do more than just quench your thirst.
  • Sea Minerals

    Harness Sea Minerals from the pristine Utah Salt flats, with over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals

  • Nutritionist Approved

    Formulated by expert nutritionists and tested with endurance athletes. This is the pinacle of hydration.

  • 100% Natural

    We avoid additives and artificial flavours. So natural you could... drink it.

  • Recovery

    Expertly blended L-Taurine, Magnesium & creatine for recovery.

  • Gut health

    Hydration is key to optimal gut health and all our ingredients have been selected to protect or enhance your digestion.

  • Flavour

    Blood orange tastes incredible without being too sweet. Ideal for long runs, cycles & saunas.

Change your daily habits

Did you know that most sports drinks are made up of over 25% sugar?

We care about what you put in your body every day. It's those daily habits, that determine your future.

Is your sports drink putting your health at risk?

Most sports drinks contain extremely high levels of sugar, or more commonly, high fructose corn syrup: a less expensive (and less healthy) alternative to sugar. Too much sugar can lead to obesity and can negatively affect blood sugar levels, which acts as a gateway to other serious health issues.

How does Gutology Hydrate compare?


Your sports drink High sugar
Gutology Hydrate No added sugar


Your sports drink Artificial
Gutology Hydrate Plant Extract


Your sports drink Salt
Gutology Hydrate Sea Minerals + Trace Elements


Your sports drink High Caffeine
Gutology Hydrate Zero Caffeine


Your sports drink Over £1 per 500ml
Gutology Hydrate Less than 50p per 500ml

Clean Recovery

Your sports drink
Gutology Hydrate Potassium, magnesium & L-Taurine

Powered by Sea Minerals

Because of its amazing mineral content,sea salt is a great source of electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

We decided to source ours all the way from Utah, due to excellent trace minerals found on the pristine Salt Flats.

These electrolytes are lost in sweat when we exercise and are vital for muscle, brain and heart health.

How It Works

  • Get 3 Free

    We'll send you 3 x 1 litre servings to test.

  • Cancel Anytime

    Save 20% on monthly subscriptions and cancel anytime.

  • Microbiome Friendly

    Make sure your daily hydration is clean.

  • Free Shipping

    All monthly subscriptions get free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Hydrate?

Simply add a teaspoon to a 500ml water bottle and shake.

Is this good for runners?

When formulating this product, we tested with several ultra marathon runners. The results from those test's led us to add more Potassium to Hydrate.

What flavour is Hydrate

Natural Blood Orange

What is the auto-ship program?

7 days after your trial, we'll send you a full size packet of Hydrate with a 20% discount and free shipping.

You can cancel anytime and adjust the frequency of your order in your portal. For example some people order every 2 weeks and others every 8 weeks - depending on their exercise needs.

Why is this product free?

We're so proud of this product, we think you'll want to stick with it. We offer customers a Free trial which then upgrades them into our 'auto-ship' program. You cancel anytime.

Is it safe to use debit/credit card on your site?

Yes! We understand your personal security and safety is of paramount importance. As affiliates of Amazon Pay and Shopify Payments, we adhere to the strict electronic and physical measures to protect your devices and credit/debit card information from unauthorised access.

My nutritionist recommended this. Can I just buy?

We recommend trying our free trial and a full 30 day supply will be sent to you.

Hydrate Free Trial Information

Customers will be liable for the postage cost on free trials.

Hydrate Trial contains 3 x 12g servings of Gutology Hydrate.

Our subscription model

If you subscribe, your subscription will continue to be auto-renewed for the same subscription period which you signed up to unless you end your subscription at least three days before the renewal date by following the instructions on our site.If you terminate within those three days, then your subscription will continue until the following renewal date and we will continue to take payment and deliver the goods in the meantime.

You can manage your subscriptions in 'live support'.