It’s time to optimise your gut.

Gutology transforms your gut health by addressing the root cause, not just your symptoms!

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The Gutology approach to better health

Are you tired of just treating the symptoms? Gutology takes a comprehensive approach to get to the root of your health issues. Let us help you feel your best.
  • Poor digestion

    Tired of feeling uncomfortable after meals? Gutology can help address low digestive capacity so you can enjoy your favourite foods again.

  • Fatigue

    Are you struggling with low energy levels? We can help you regain energy and vitality with a customised approach to your health.

  • Stool

    Don't let irregular toilet habits disrupt your day. Let Gutology help address issues with diarrhea or constipation for a more comfortable and regular digestive experience.

  • Bloating

    Do you feel bloated or gassy after meals? With Gutology, you can experience a more comfortable and enjoyable digestive experience without the need for harsh medications or treatments.

  • Reflux

    Tired of relying on medications to manage reflux symptoms? We can help address the underlying issues and reduce or even eliminate the need for PPIs or antacids.

  • Immune

    Frequent illness can take a toll on your overall health. Boost your immune system and reduce the occurrence of cold sores or mouth ulcers with the help of Gutology.

Why addressing symptoms in isolation doesn’t work.

Don't settle for temporary fixes to gut issues. Gutology takes a personalised approach to identify the underlying issues and develop a tailored plan for lasting gut health. We team up with you to make sure we find the best solution and keep the benefits coming your way!

Gut health, simplified.

Gut health can be complicated - but it doesn't have to be. At Gutology, we believe in making gut health simple, accessible, and effective. Our range of natural supplements and personalised plans are designed to help you achieve optimal gut health - without any confusion or complexity.

How can Gutology help me?

Our approach to gut health focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying issues that can lead to discomfort, pain, and a range of other issues. By addressing the root cause, we can help you achieve lasting relief and a happy gut.

How It Works

This is how it works
  • Speak to Our Specialists

    Partner with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your symptoms and concerns. Our specialists work closely with you to address your unique needs & goals.

  • Get Tested

    Our advanced microbiome testing can easily be done from the comfort of your own home. We'll send you a testing kit with clear instructions, and you can send your samples back to us for analysis.

  • Diagnostics

    Get ready to unlock the secrets of your gut! Our testing provides detailed insights into your gut health, and we'll interpret the results for you with the help of our qualified gut experts.

  • Get A Personalised Plan

    We'll provide tailored supplement recommendations, diet and lifestyle advice, and ongoing support to help you achieve your gut health goals.

Feel your best with Gutology

Your gut health affects everything from your digestion to your mood. At Gutology, we're here to help you feel your best, every day. With our expert guidance, you can make simple changes that can change your life for the better. Take the first step towards a healthier you with Gutology.

Meet one of our professionals

At Gutology, we take your gut health seriously. That's why we've assembled a team of top-notch professionals who are dedicated to helping you feel your best. From nutritionists to functional medicine practitioners, our team has the expertise you need to optimise your gut health.

What our customer say

You’ve heard it from us. Now hear it from them — the people who matter, just like you.

  • "I just got to the point of depair"

    The key to a successful outcome is partnering with a practitioner who has experience in your particular symptoms.

    Louise, UK
  • "I just got to the point of depair"

    The key to a successful outcome is partnering with a practitioner who has experience in your particular symptoms.

    Louise, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Gutology compare?

If you're looking to optimise your gut health, why settle for second best? Gutology offers a superior approach to gut health that prioritises your needs and delivers real results.

NHS One size fits all
Gutology Individualised (lifestyle, medical, family, history)

Wait lists

NHS Wait for the GP
Gutology Get expert advice in less than 5 minutes

Advanced Microbiome / Inflammatory Testing

NHS Basic ‘red flag’ markers
Gutology Advanced gut health exploration, digestive health check & inflammatory levels

Recurrent Medication

NHS Long term medication with possible side effects
Gutology Short term, specific supplement protocols based on your data


NHS 1 issue per short appointment
Gutology Full symptom exploration

Stool Testing

NHS Basic ‘red flag’ markers
Gutology Comprehensive gut health profile, digestive


NHS Western approach focuses on your symptoms
Gutology Functional approach focuses on the root cause


NHS 9-5
Gutology Online appointments at a time that suits you

Appointments Duration

NHS 15 minutes
Gutology 1 hour long


Gutology Text message support between appointments

Nutritional Advice

NHS Outdated
Gutology Specific and based on your data

Speak to our experts today!

If you're ready to take the first step towards a happy gut, our team of experts is here to help. Schedule a consultation with one of our professionals today and discover the difference Gutology can make.