Gutology transforms your Reflux

by addressing the root cause, not your symptoms.

From the creators of the Top 10 Gut Health Podcast

Can Gutology help you?

Fed up with prescription after prescription & frustrated at a 'one size fits all' approach?
  • Acidity

    You frequently experience a burning sensation in your throat after eating or between meals.

  • PPi's

    You don't want to be taking antacids or PPI's long term because you're worried about the side effects.

  • Fatigue

    Symptoms may impact your sleep and you may not be absorbing nutrients - leading to deficiencies.

  • Bloating

    Bloating is a sign of an imbalance in the gut, often caused by low digestive capacity or dysbiosis in the gut.

  • Food sensitivities

    You find that certain foods like tomatoes & garlic trigger your symptoms but don't affect other people in the same way.

  • Existing diagnosis

    You've been diagnosed with hiatal hernia, esophagitis or GERD and want more natural approach.

Who are the practitioners

Gutology partners you with a BANT or IFM practitioner based on your symptoms. They have expert knowledge in your symptoms and can interpret your advanced microbiome tests. It's this expertise, partnered with your data that achieves the best health outcome.

How do they address reflux naturally?

Our practitioners want to understand the root cause of your issues and address those specifically, so that you can avoid long term medication and the associated side affects.

Why use a functional approach?

Our approach to gut health focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying issues of Reflux.

Does testing really help?

Advanced stool testing can give you incredible insight into your microbiome, inflammatory levels & overall health markers. These test's can also be done from the comfort of your own home.

How It Works

  • Tell us about you

    Tell us about your symptoms & speak with an expert for free.

  • Get Tested

    Get the data behind your reflux issues with advanced testing.

  • Partner

    Partner with a practitioner who specialises in upper digestive issues.

  • Personal Plan

    Tailored supplement recommendations, diet and lifestyle advice.

How does Gutology compare?


NHS One size fits all
Gutology Individualised (lifestyle, medical, family, history)

Wait lists

NHS Wait for the GP
Gutology Get expert advice in less than 5 minutes


NHS Basic ‘red flag’ markers
Gutology Advanced gut health exploration, digestive health check & inflammatory levels


NHS Long term medication with possible side effects
Gutology Short term, specific supplement protocols based on your data


NHS 1 issue per short appointment
Gutology Full symptom exploration


NHS Western approach focuses on your symptoms
Gutology Functional approach focuses on the root cause


NHS Rigid
Gutology Online appointments at a time that suits you

Appointments Duration

NHS 15 minutes
Gutology 1 hour long

Nutritional Advice

NHS Traditional
Gutology Specific and based on your data

What Gutology customers say

  • "I felt like I was born again"

    Mike had been suffering with reflux for years, despite having a great diet.

    Mike, London
  • "I had IBS for a really long time "

    Fiona came to us with chronic IBS symptoms that she'd not been able to get under control.

    Louise, UK
  • "This had been going on since 2013"

    Sarah made big changes in 3 weeks

    Louise, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How does stool testing help with Reflux/GERD

Stool testing can detect upper digestive issues such as low enzyme production. We can also explore any microbial imbalances which can be a driver of reflux and GERD symptoms.

What if I have a Hiatal Hernia?

Stool testing can detect why this has developed in the first place and we can work with you to control those symptoms with targeted diet & supplements.

Is it possible to come off PPI's?

With dietary interventions. practitioner support & supplements (based on your data) we see many clients being able to wean off their PPI medication.

Will I have any support while I follow the recommendations?

Gutology has a great Nutritionist support team who can assist you with your queries and questions throughout your journey.

Will my GP be informed about my test results?

Not necessarily. Practitioners use a holistic approach (diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocols) to target the root issues. Having said this, if we find elevated “red flag” markers, we will liaise with your GP to organise further tests and investigations.

Is there any medication that would affect testing?

It is not recommended to change or stop any prescribed or regular medications or supplements without seeking advice from a qualified medical professional. Some medications are known to have an impact on the test results and we'll advise you on this before you take your test.

Is testing suitable for children?

Microbiome testing is suitable from 2 years of age, as by that time the microbiome is fully developed.

How long does it take for my results to come back?

The turnaround time for the test results is a maximum of 15 working days.

I recently had a colonoscopy. How long do I need to wait until I can do the test?

Generally speaking it is best to wait at least 4 weeks following colonoscopy to let the gut settle after the procedure.

How long will I have access to my documents and support?

As long as you require. We normally advise to be consistent with your protocol and necessary follow ups, so we can provide the best support and speed up the healing process.

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